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Land Reform Programme

The principles which underpin the new approach to sustainable land reform are:

  • deracialisation of the rural economy
  • democratic and equitable land allocation and use across gender, race and class
  • strict  production discipline for guaranteed national food security.

District land reform committees were established in 44 districts of the country. The committees completed a training programme that enables them to:

  • identify farms that are suitable for acquisition by Government (the target is 20% of strategic agricultural  farming land in the country by 2030)
  • identify and interview potential  candidates for farm allocation
  • advise the Minister on the strategic support needs of identified farms
  • advise the Minister on the strategic support needs of recommended candidates
  • advise the Minister on resolving land rights conflicts.

The Land Reform Programme has been allocated R8,3 billion over the MTEF period for the acquisition of land and the creation of productive  and profitable farms.

Source: South African Yearbook 2018/19