Eco-Schools programme 

The Eco-Schools programme is an international programme of the Foundation for Environmental Education that was developed to support environmental learning in the classroom. 

The programme is active in 64 countries around the world. Locally, it was implemented by the Wildlife and Environment Society of South Africa in 2003. The programme is aimed at creating awareness and action around environmental sustainability in schools and their surrounding communities as well as supporting Education for Sustainable Development in the national curriculum. With over 50% of the content in some CAPS subjects being environmental in nature, Eco-Schools makes a positive contribution towards improving education in South Africa. 

Since 2003, more than 10 229 schools across all nine provinces have participated in the programme, reaching 400 000 learners and 16 000 teachers. The programme accredits schools that make a commitment to continuously improve their school’s environmental performance. The Eco-Schools programme is operational in both supported and unsupported schools. 

Source: South Africa Yearbook 2018/2019 

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