Operation Fiela

Operation Fiela- Reclaim is a multidisciplinary interdepartmental operation aimed at eliminating criminality and general lawlessness from our communities. As the word “fiela” means to sweep clean, we are ridding communities of crime and criminals so that the people of South Africa can be and feel safe. The ultimate objective of the operation is to create a safe and secure environment for all in South Africa.

The teams carrying out Operation Fiela/Reclaim 2015 are focusing on the prevention and combating of various crime types and addressing the safety concerns of the citizens of the country:

  • Business premises searched for illegal activities and compliance with by-laws.
  • Checking businesses and confiscating counterfeit goods.
  • National Road Traffic Agency road offences.
  • Illegal power connections.
  • Illegal advertisement boards
  • Human trafficking, illegal firearms and other related offences
  • Possession and dealing in drugs
  • Possession of unlicensed firearms & ammunition
  • Liquor related offences

The effectiveness of Operation Fiela/Reclaim, which Government implemented in order to re-assert the authority of the State and to address lawlessness in identified areas, must once again be emphasised.  It continues to be a success story of note.

A few of the successes of this integrated operation, involving a number of Government departments and role players, between April and December 2015, were highlighted at a media briefing by the Justice, Crime Prevention and Security Cluster on 13 December 2015:

  • Number of operations conducted: 3 205
  • Number of persons searched: 462 555
  • Number of premises searched: 38 495
  • Number of vehicles searched: 150 673
  • Total number of arrests: 40 903
  • Confiscations:
  • Vehicles: 737
  • Firearms
  • Handguns: 329
  • Rifles: 28
  • Shotguns:11
  • Auto/semi auto:7
  • Homemade:10
  • Other:9
  • Ammunition:4 590

These successes are over and above arrests and successes achieved during day-to-day proactive and reactive policing.

Anyone with information on crime or criminal activities can report it to Crime Stop – 0860010111.

Statements on Operation Fiela