Government leaders

Derek Keys, Mr


Date of Birth: 30 August 1931

Positions last held in government

Mr Derek Keys served as a Minister of Finance in the government of National Unity in 1994.

Career/Positions/Memberships/Other Activities

Mr Derek Lyle Keys was born on 30 August 1931. He became the Finance Minister of the Republic of South Africa in 1994 during the Mandela government of National Unity (GNU).

Prior to his appointment as minister of Finance, Mr Keys joined the Industrial Development Corporation of South Africa in 1965 and in the subsequent eight years he was involved in the development of many of the major South African industries.

Until 1986 Mr Keys played largely an advisory roles for several international and local companies operating in South Africa. For 21 years he joined the boards of, inter alia, Malbak, National Discount House, Asea, Price Forbes, Sandvik, Samancor and Sappi, and he had also served as the executive Chairman of Gencor.

Prior to becoming the minister of Finance in 1994, Mr Keys served as a Minister of Economic Co-ordination and of Trade and Industry and in 1992 and later he was given a portfolio of Minister of Finance which he also served in the government of National Unity.

He previously served on government bodies in an advisory capacity, including the Commission for electricity, the Tax Advisory Committee and the State Presidents' Economic Advisory Council.

Mr Keys was appointed Minister of Finance in 1994 but resigned shortly on 6 July 1994.